Original zibbet
Item collection il fullxfull.774805686 l61x Gallery hero il fullxfull.774805686 l61x

Very rare hand cast head Sebastian from Allison Wonder with heliantas faceup


Item collection il fullxfull.969008818 r3rs Gallery hero il fullxfull.969008818 r3rs

BJD Grim OOAK by Connie Lowe


Item collection il fullxfull.847434399 dxdu Gallery hero il fullxfull.847434399 dxdu

BJD Marta by Connie Lowe with faceup by Heliantas


Item collection il fullxfull.670417359 n4ga Gallery hero il fullxfull.670417359 n4ga

BJD OOAK doll hybrid clown: Doll Chateau head Vivian on Connie lowe sprocket body


Item collection il fullxfull.1015546599 3au5 Gallery hero il fullxfull.1015546599 3au5

BJD Frazzle OOAK by Connie Lowe


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